Water is public enemy #1 of solid hardwood flooring. Wood is porous. When there's too much humidity in the air, it will try to adjust by expanding.

When wood expands, the planks crowd each other, cup and crown. Two simple answers are to acclimate and wipe spills immediately.

What is acclimation?

This pre-installation process allows the wood to adjust to its new climate. Leave the planks or opened boxes in the room in which it is to be installed for three to five days.

The room should be climate controlled. Be sure to discuss this with the experts at the hardwood flooring company. Processes can vary slightly depending on the manufacturer.

What do I do if my wood floors get wet?

First, remove any wet towels, rags, or rugs. Then use a wet vac to remove water.

Turn on fans, dehumidifiers, and, weather permitting, air conditioners. If possible, open windows.

Also, dry the wood flooring with clean towels. Inspect for mold and sny hidden water. Keep checking humidity levels with a moisture reader.

Clean the floors

Now clean with a disinfectant. If the water contains dirt and debris, it can get into the wood's pores and attract more moisture.

Scrub with a soft brush. Next, use the wet vac again and apply a wood cleaner.

Once again, dry thoroughly. If necessary, seek the advice of a flooring professional.

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