Karastan uses one specific method for rug construction: woven. Our Axminster woven method produces high-quality rugs with different looks, textures, and patterns. 

In a woven rug, the back and face are produced as a single interlocked unit for exceptional durability. Karastan’s exclusive power-driven weaving process integrates a cotton foundation and wool pile with a woven-through-the-back construction that closely resembles the look and feel of a hand-knotted rug.

Once woven, the rugs are treated to Karastan’s patented Luster Wash process.

In fact, Karastan has patented several special wash techniques, which create an end product that is different from any other hand-made or machine-crafted rug. Each technique produces a different appearance and feel.

  • Luster Wash – This specially formulated wash removes some of the naturally occurring scales from the wool fibers, giving them a more lustrous and silky effect. It also slightly mutes the colors.
  • Tea Wash or Antique Wash – In these special washes, permanent color is applied to the woven rug before it goes into the luster wash bath. This overall layering of color gives the individual yarns a special harmony. Tea Wash and Antique Wash instantly convey a mellowed feeling of an antique rug.
  • Sultan’s Slippers – At the end of Karastan’s wash process, and before the rug goes into the drying chamber, the rug is gently treaded upon by “sultan’s slippers”. Wherever the slippers touch the face of the rug, the pile is reversed, giving Karastan’s rugs their soft “walked on” look.