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Flooring installation


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Professional flooring installation techniques you can trust

Many say the installation is as necessary as the product. A professional, well-done flooring installation can make a budget flooring look like a high-end product; alternatively, when done incorrectly, even the highest quality product will have squeaks, gaps, rolls, wrinkles, and cupping. All About Flooring of SC, your flooring company in Greenville, SC, wants you to know about the different techniques so you can better understand the process.

How a carpet installation is done

The subfloor is repaired and replaced if needed. It's essential to make sure there is no water damage; otherwise, it can be spongy and unstable. The tack strips (wooden pieces with tiny nails) are laid around the room perimeter, and padding is placed inside. Then the rug is stretched over it and anchored to the wall.
Manufacturers have detailed instructions as to how to install their rugs. Many now state that the installer must use a carpet stretcher, and not a knee kicker, to install wall-to-wall or other rugs in large spaces. The carpet stretcher is a long tool with tines at the end, gripping the rug and pulling it closer to the wall where it can be securely and tightly fixed to a tack strip. While knee kickers also stretch, that tool is meant only for small places like closets and won't be effective in larger areas. Please read the warranty carefully because if the manufacturer's directions are ignored, all protections are lost.

Tongue and groove for solid hardwood

This often requires subfloor repair and restoration, with moisture readings taken throughout the process. Then pieces are joined together, end-to-end, with the tongue and groove method. After the floor is nailed down and, if finishing is done on-site, there will be several coats, each needing to be thoroughly dry before any re-application.
Flooring Installation in Greenville, SC area from All About Flooring of SC
The floating floor, which can be used for engineered hardwood, luxury vinyl, or laminate, refers to the pieces clicking together, mat, and then hovering over the subfloor with no nails or glue. Loose lay, often used with sheet vinyl, is a floating floor without the clicking mechanism. Tile is laborious, requires special tools such as tile saws, and requires precise layout and sometimes preparation, such as cement boards.

All your flooring installation needs, covered

At All About Flooring of SC our motto is "experience does matter'' and our well-trained staff has an average of 30 years’ experience. Whether you're looking for a large inventory, including carpet, hardwood, tile, stone, luxury vinyl, and more, or a quality residential or commercial flooring installation, we have it all. Our services also include design consultation, rug binding, carpet re-stretch, free in-house measuring, and more. Visit our showroom in Greenville, SC, convenient to Greenville, SC, Greer, SC, Simpsonville, SC, Easley, SC, Greenville, SC, Travelers Rest, SC and Fountain Inn, SC.