Luxury Vinyl Plank Pt. 1 – The Perfect Family Floor Covering For Real Life!

LVP (luxury vinyl plank) is one of the most popular trends in the flooring industry, and it is no wonder why. For decades, homeowners were severely limited on the options they had for floor covering. Now, when purchasing new floors, consumers have multiple considerations to make. These considerations include, but are not limited to, affordability, ease of use/maintenance, aesthetic design options, availability, and durability. Luxury vinyl can be divided into three distinct subcategories: SPC, WPC, and Gluedown. Today we will discuss SPC and WPC.

Photo of a luxury vinyl plank flooring project we finished, showcasing its unique texture and color

SPC Flooring

SPC stands for stone polymer core planks. SPC planks are known for their resilience. The strength and rigidity provided via the stone elements in the core make this an extremely dense and durable option. Because of their density, these products are dent resistant. The SPC floors are tough and very resistant to moisture. The seams will not swell after exposure to liquid spills, pet accidents, or dripping coming out of the shower. You can install this product on, above, or below grade. For those not familiar, above grade floors are on the second story, above ground. On grade is a floor that is at or very near ground level, and below grade would refer to a basement floor below ground level. Installation of SPC planks is quick and easy! The planks have interlocking grooves on the edge of each plank, with no glue or staples required. The vast majority of SPC options on the market today come with a pad attached to the back of each plank, which means there is no additional underlayment required. This pad can help muffle and absorb sound and defend against moisture related complications.

WPC Flooring

The next subcategory we will discuss today is WPC, or wood polymer core planks. WPC planks are known for their comfort underfoot and deep, thick interlocking mechanisms. This is the excellent product to install on the second floor, or in a condo where noise management is a concern. Like SPC, this is a scratch and water-resistant product that will be fantastic choice for families that live an active lifestyle. WPC is also known for its ability to retain more warmth underfoot during the colder months of the year.

Is SPC or WPC Waterproof?

There is a lot of talk these days about waterproof flooring. Many manufacturers claim that their products are waterproof. What exactly does that mean? Will my floor be okay if my basement floods? What if my dishwasher leaks? These are all valid concerns. Normal spills, like a glass of water, or dripping from rain boots as you walk into your home after a rainy day will not affect the performance or beauty of your floor. Although no floor covering product is designed to withstand a major leak or flooding situation, luxury vinyl plank, SPC or WPC, will stand up to household spills with ease.

Which type of LVP is Right for My Home?

Overall, our customers find great satisfaction with WPC or SPC products. So, which is better? SPC? WPC? There really is not a right or wrong answer. Come to our showroom at 2111 N. Pleasantburg Drive and get connected with our professional sales staff. They will be equipped to help you decide which product will be best for you and your family. WPC or SPC-All About Flooring can fulfill your flooring needs, providing high quality floor covering solutions, professional installation, and personal customer service. Let us help you turn your house into your dream home-your feet deserve our floors!

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