Luxury Vinyl Plank Pt. 2 – Gluedown and Looselay Luxury Vinyl

LVP (luxury vinyl plank) is one of the most popular trends in the flooring industry, and it is no wonder why. For decades, homeowners were severely limited in the options they had for floor covering. Now, when purchasing new floors, consumers have multiple considerations to make. These considerations include but are not limited to, affordability, ease of use/maintenance, aesthetic design options, availability, and durability. Luxury vinyl can be divided into three distinct subcategories: SPC, WPC, and Gluedown. Today, we will discuss Gluedown and Looselay luxury vinyl.

Highlights the sleek and modern design of LVP, showcasing its texture and color variation that mimic natural materials

Gluedown Luxury Vinyl

Gluedown LVP is one of the most versatile and diverse floor-covering options on the market today. Offering similar durability and ease of maintenance that floating floors provide, gluedown luxury vinyl does come with its own unique advantages.

If a single board does receive especially harsh abuse and suffers an unsightly gouge or scratch, it is very easy to replace. Simply using a utility knife, pry the board out of its place and lay a new board down. This advantage is an attractive selling point for those with active lifestyles where accidents happen.

Another unique edge provided by glue down luxury vinyl is the design element that these tiles can bring to the room. Unique patterns and borders can be created with these products with all the look of an expensive, custom stone or wood installation at only a fraction of the cost. Brands like Karndean have a fantastic line of borders, design strips, and features that homeowners can use to significantly upgrade the look of their living spaces.

Looselay-A DIY’ers best friend!

Looselay, like gluedown vinyl, makes it very easy for homeowners to conduct their own repairs. Looselay floors do not require any adhesive or nails to fasten it to the subfloor. The boards feature a backing that grips the subfloor to prevent it from sliding, and the boards are dense with enough weight to hold themselves down. These boards are easier to install then almost any other option on the market today.

Looselay floors are easily taken up, saving on labor costs when a homeowner does decide to switch out floor coverings.

Is Glue Down or Looselay Vinyl Waterproof?

There is a lot of talk these days about waterproof flooring. Many manufacturers claim that their products are waterproof. What exactly does that mean? Will my floor be okay if my basement floods? What if my dishwasher leaks? These are all valid concerns. Normal spills, like a glass of water, or dripping from rain boots as you walk into your home after a rainy day will not affect the performance or beauty of your floor. Although no floor covering product is designed to withstand a major leak or flooding situation, luxury vinyl plank, gluedown or looselay, will stand up to household spills with ease.


Although usually thought of in a commercial application, our residential customers have been thoroughly impressed with the beauty and durability of our glue down luxury vinyl. The DIY crowd have found a hidden gem in looselay vinyl. Easy to install and even easier to maintain, this is the natural choice for a first-time flooring installer. No matter which area of the home you are shopping for, there are lots of options worth considering in the gluedown or looselay vinyl categories.

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